Oxford Optronix

Founded on innovation and operating with an entrepreneurial flair, Oxford Optronix is a global pioneer in the design, development and manufacture of sophisticated instrumentation for the life sciences. Oxford Optronix’ success stems from diverse application of its high quality instrumentation, which is underpinned by a program of continuous research and development and unmatched levels of customer service.

Preclinical Research Solutions

OxyLite Dissolved Oxygen Monitors by Oxford Optronix


The world’s most user-friendly dissolved oxygen monitor for in vivo or in vitro pO2 measurements

OxyFlo Tissue Blood Flow Monitors by Oxford Optronix


Third-generation, single or multi-channel, laser Doppler tissue blood flow/perfusion monitors

OxyLite + OxyFlo Tissue Vitality Monitors by Oxford Optronix

Combo Systems

Measure tissue oxygen, blood flow and temperature simultaneously from the same tissue micro-region

GelCount by Oxford Optronix


The gold-standard colony and spheroid counter and imaging solution designed for cancer biologists

Common Applications

Tissue Hypoxia

Tissue hypoxia in models of cancer, stroke, sepsis, wound healing and more

Dissolved Oxygen

Dissolved oxygen in hypoxic cell culture, tissue engineering, and stem cell research

Blood Flow Applications - Oxford Optronix

Monitoring of tissue ischemia during stroke, sepsis, in vital organs and more

Combined Systems Applications - Oxford Optronix

Simultaneous tissue oxygen, blood flow and temperature recording in models of stroke, cancer, sepsis and more

Colony Counting Applications - Oxford Optronix

Automated counting and processing of 2D and 3D colony and spheroid formation assays

Hypoxic Cell Culture Applications

Hypoxic cell culture experimentation for cancer, stem cell and immunology research applications