Scintica Instrumentation announced a new partnership with IVIM Technology this year, manufacturer of the all-in-one IntraVital Microscopy platform (IVM). The IVM system is a state-of-the-art intravital fluorescence microscopy platform optimized to perform real-time imaging of dynamic phenomena in vivo tissues at a cellular level. We introduced the IVM system and its applications over a 4-part webinar mini-series.

1ˢᵗ Session

Modality Review: The Basics of Intravital Fluorescence Microscopy

Speakers:  Sara Rapic, PhD

  • Overview and basic understanding of the fundamentals of fluorescence microscopy
  • Overview of intravital imaging advantages and applications
  • Overview of most commonly used intravital imaging animal models
  • Understanding of what to pay attention to, in order to acquire quantitative imaging data
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2ⁿᵈ Session

Introducing the IVM Intravital Microscope

Speakers: Sara Rapic, Pilhan Kim, PhD

  • In Vivo 4D cell imaging, tracking and monitoring
  • In Vivo visualization of dynamic molecular & cellular mechanisms
  • In Vivo efficacy monitoring of novel drug compound
  • In Vivo monitoring of material delivery target tissues
  • In Vivo real-time imaging of microcirculation
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3ʳᵈ Session

Applications Review – Highlighting Imaging Examples Using the IVM Intravital Microscope

Speakers:  Pilhan Kim, PhD & Dr. Keehoon Jung, PhD

Overview and understanding of how the IVM system can be applied in preclinical research to visualize and analyze in vivo dynamic processes at a cellular level.

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4ʳᵈ Session

Live Virtual Demonstration of the IVM System

Speakers: Niloufar Khosravi, PhD  & Selina Ahn, PhD

Overview and understanding of the workflow of the IVM system, its hardware and software components, and its capabilities to acquire quantifiable microscopic images from dynamic processes occurring in live animals.

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