Scintica Instrumentation provides sales, service and support for life science research products in the US, Canada, and Europe.

Our product portfolio includes equipment primarily designed for use with small animals including mice, rats, and guinea pigs.  Brands include Optiscan-ViewnVivo, Indus Instruments, Oxford Optronix, Kaha Sciences, MDE GmbH and UNO BV Anesthesia.  Follow the links below to explore research solutions by Company.

Scintica Instrumentation - Preclinical Research Product Portfolio
preclinical research solutions distributor for OptiScan

Optiscan manufactures FIVE2 (ViewnVivo) – a real-time in vivo fluorescence microscopic imaging system with stunning picture quality and automated 3D Z-Stack image capture capabilities.  Based on technological advances beyond the realm of fibre optics, the FIVE2 (ViewnVivo) system allows you to bring your imaging to the animal using innovative miniature, hand held probes.

preclinical research solutions distributor for Indus Instruments

Indus Instruments manufactures tools for studying vascular and cardiac function, as well as a uniquely comprehensive surgical monitoring system for rodents.  Their Doppler Flow Velocity System, able to measure blood flow up to a 1cm depth, is a well published, noninvasive technology for assessing cardiovascular function in small animals.

preclinical research solutions distributor for Oxford Optronix

Oxford Optronix is a global pioneer in the design, development and manufacture of sophisticated instrumentation for the life sciences. Since 1991, they have provided innovative products such as oxygen monitors, hypoxia chambers, colony and spheroid counters, as well single and multi-channel tissue blood flow monitors using advanced laser technology.

Kaha Sciences Telemetry from Scintica Instrumentation

Kaha Sciences provides wireless telemetry solutions enabling researchers to obtain physiological data in conscious, freely moving animals over long periods of time. Capabilities include ventricular and arterial pressures, sympathetic nerve activity, biopotentials (ECG, EMG and EEG) and tissue oxygen.

preclinical research solutions distributor for UnoBV

UNO BV offers innovative anesthesia and surgical solutions for small animal research.  Products include microventilators, vaporizers, gas exhaust units and absorbers, intubation aids, induction boxes, controlled heating & warming systems, surgical retraction devices, cold light sources, euthanasia kits and more.

preclinical research solutions distributor for MDE GmbH

Instruments designed and manufactured by MDE GmbH provide the highest level of precision and accuracy required for physiological and pharmacological research. They offer sensors, amplifiers and software, including fully configured systems and accessories for Cardiac, Vascular and Gastroenterological research.