The M-Series™ Compact MRI systems enable high resolution imaging without the need for special shielding, cryogens or water connections, making it a standalone system that can easily be placed within a core facility, laboratory, or inside an animal facility right next to other equipment or fixtures.   Aspect Imaging, global leaders in MRI technology, has designed the M-Series to allow all researchers the ability to harness the power and insights of MRI as quickly and easily as 3D echo and other mobile imaging modalities that are used today.

Preclinical Research Solutions


M-Series™ Compact MRI

The M-Series™ compact, high-performance, easy-to-use MRI systems allow preclinical researchers, without prior knowledge of MR physics, to now have cost-effective access to the gold standard method of soft tissue imaging for morphological and contrast agent applications. Advanced users will enjoy the flexibility of the customization options available.


M7 SimPET™ 

The SimPET™ system is a hardware insert to a preclinical MRI system for the simultaneous acquisition of PET and MRI images.  Using silicon photo multiplier technology, the insert expands the functionality of the M7 system with simultaneous PET/MRI image acquisition in rodents.  The SimPET™ insert may also be used on other commercially available preclinical MRI systems if desired.


Segment Quantitative Cardiac MRI Software

The Segment application is a comprehensive software solution for quantitative cardiac MR image analysis; the software has been specifically designed for use in preclinical research and will work with images acquired on our M-Series MRI systems.