This free educational webinar hosted by Scintica Instrumentation introduced the brand new pre-clinical imaging system from Vilber, the Newton 7.0 FT Series. This new range of in-vivo imaging systems offer traditional 2D Bioluminescence and Fluorescence imaging, integrating an innovative 3D Optical Tomography technique to provide even further details in terms of signal structure and localization.

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           2D Bioluminescence

In-Vivo optical imaging (Bioluminescence and Fluorescence) is a cost-effective and easy to use imaging modality providing great advantages at a cellular and molecular level in the preclinical investigation. While Bioluminescence and Fluorescence are widely used to monitor tumor growths, image infections and inflammations throughout the animal body, 2D optical imaging is surface weighted and the lesion size may be under or overestimated depending on the distance of the signal from the skin surface. The analysis of intensities is then often performed to obtain rough approximations. In order to provide superior quantitative results, Vilber has developed a 3D Optical Tomography technique to better understand deeper tissue structures

                         3D Bioluminescence Tomography

3D Optical Tomography is a valuable optical molecular imaging technique to non-invasively represent the cellular and molecular processes in living animals with high sensitivity and specificity. Using Vilber’s Newton 7.0 FT imaging system, it is now possible to get concrete information on the size and the volume of a tumor, as well as a detailed precision on its localization with high accuracy.

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During this webinar, Alexis Frances (in-vivo Technical Specialist) as well as Esmeralda Narain (in vivo Applications Specialist) from Vilber, discussed the following topics:

  • Principles of Bioluminescence and Fluorescence imaging
  • Case studies in Oncology, Infections and Nanoparticles imaging
  • How 3D Optical Tomography is overcoming the challenges of 2D imaging
  • Key technical features of the Newton 7.0 FT imaging system

VILBER is a leading life science company specialized in developing and manufacturing state-of-the-art imaging systems for in vivo / in vitro / ex vivo applications. Considered as pioneers in the imaging market for UV fluorescent DNA Gels and Chemiluminescent Western Blots, they are now gaining more and more trust in the Small Animal imaging community.