UNO Univentor-Q Anaesthesia Unit

The Univentor Unit is a complete anaesthetic system with a built-in vaporizer and flowmeter.

  • Designed for small rodents
  • Precise control of anaesthetic and air
  • Minimised anaesthetic consumption
  • Air flow from 50ml/min upto 999ml/min
  • Connects to face mask, induction box or ventilator
  • Pre-calibrated for isoflurane
  • Very small foot print and no fixed installation
  • User friendly
  • Easy to use with safety features
  • The unit is designed to be used with a membrane pump for inlet air, making it suitable for a mobile anesthesia set-up
  • You always have to use hydrofobic filter between the airpump and the univentor
UNO BV - UNO Univentor - Q Anaesthesia Unit
Product Specifications
Dimensions120 x 285 x 95mm (w x l x h)
Weight1.8 kg
PowerSupply 110-240V, AC50 -60Hz, Battery 12V, 400mA
Drive MotorPulse free DC motor with variable speed setting
Fast FeedPusher movement of 45mm/min
Syringes1 Glass, gas-tight 10mL syringe with 60mm stroke
Min. Liquid Flow Rate0.4mL/hr
Max. Liquid Flow Rate10mL/hr
Min. Air Flow Rate50mL/min
Max. Air Flow Rate999mL/min
Min. Air Pressure0.5 bar
Max. Air Pressure1.0 bar
Max. Pusher Force100 N
Pusher Movement Tolerance+/- 0.1mm or +/+ 1% of total distance
Display2 x 16 characters
Concentration Tolerance+/- 0.15% of displayed value
Safety FeaturesAudible alarm and red LED
Small Membrane PumpUNO BV - UNO Univentor-Q Anaesthesia Unit - Small Membrane Pump