UNO Intubation Aid


  • Prolongs time for intubation without necessitating I.P. anesthesia

  • Design aligns animal in ideal position for intubation

  • Lower jaw opens automatically to provide a clear view of vocal cords

  • Animal can be connected to UMV for controlled anaesthesia immediately after intubation

Two Models Are Currently Available:

(1) For Intubating Mice

  • Order Code: 180000014

(2) For Intubating Mice or Rat

  • Order Code: 180000314  (Includes mouse cone)
  • Order Code: 180000414  (Includes rat cone)
  • The intubation aid is supplied with either a nose cone for mouse or a nose cone for rat.
  • This intubation aid is also more suitable for intubating larger rats.
  • Individual nose cones are also available for purchase and are easily interchangeable for use with mouse or rat.

How Does It Work?

  1. Expose animal to anaesthetics in induction chamber for initial anaesthesia
  2. Take animal out of induction chamber and place “cord” around its front teeth
  3. Slowly pull the animal with its snout/nose into A.
  4. Secure “cord” with tape
  5. Because the intubation aid is connected to the vaporizer, the animal is exposed to anaesthetic gas constantly (B).
  6. The “excessive /exhausted gas” is being disposed off through hose C.
  7. After intubation the animal can be connected to the UNO Micro Ventilator.
UNO BV - UNO Intubation Aid Diagram