(May 5, 2021) Webinar # 1 – Modality Review: The Basics of Photoacoustic and Fluorescence Tomography


This is the 1st of a 4-part series introducing Scintica’s newly formed relationship with PhotoSound and introducing the TriTom family of Photoacoustic Fluorescence Tomography (PAFT) systems.

In this session, we introduced the fundamentals of both photoacoustic and fluorescence tomography. This session introduced to those who are less familiar with the individual imaging modalities and then review some example images and focus on these imaging techniques’ specific applications. This webinar’s focus was on formulating a basic understanding of the modalities to further understand the TriTom system capabilities throughout the rest of the webinar series.

Please join the subsequent parts in this webinar series to learn more about the TriTom systems:


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About the Speaker (s)

Aparajita Verma, Ph.D.

Application Specialist, Scintica

Aparajita Verma holds a Ph.D. from University at Buffalo in Cancer Sciences. Throughout her research she was focused on evaluating the potential of various imaging techniques to monitor tumor response to cancer therapies. Additionally, she has worked with researchers and clinicians to assist in a clinical trial of novel imaging technique in cancer patients. In her present role as an Application Scientist at Scintica, Aparajita conducts training sessions on various imaging modalities and product demonstrations for customers to help them achieve their research goals.