Telemetry systems provide solutions for a wide range of applications. Wireless implants transmit data from conscious, freely moving mice and rats, reducing the stress of repeated handling.  Individual telemeters enable recording of multiple physiological parameters, such as biopotential signals, vascular and ventricular pressure, sympathetic nerve activity, and tissue oxygen.  Long-term recording also reduces the number of animals required for individual experiments and social housing capabilities enhance animal well-being.

Telemetry Options

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Indus Small Animal Telemetry System

Indus Telemetry System

Indus Telemetry systems are a cost-effective solution that enables chronic ECG, heart rate, core body temperature, and activity recording.  Indus Telemetry features advanced wireless technology that integrates data collection from multiple telemeters into a single benchtop station.  The Rodent Implantable Monitor software provides a station to configure implants, monitor signals, and review recorded data.  Additional features such as rechargeable batteries, onboard memory, social housing and automatic recording make this a versatile system.

Kaha Sciences Rat Telemetry Systems

Kaha Telemetry System

Kaha Sciences has been actively developing preclinical telemetry solutions for over a decade.  Affordable, single-use mouse telemeters offer continuous sampling at high frequencies for biopotential signals, and an index of animal activity.  Rat telemeters enable biopotential, pressure, sympathetic nerve activity and tissue oxygen signals.  Wireless power and the ability to transmit data within a range of five meters of the SmartPad, and multiple individual transmission frequencies enable simultaneous recording from multiple animals without interference.