VivoQuant is Invicro’s quantitative image analysis platform. As a vendor neutral software product, VivoQuant streamlines image analysis research studies across all phases of drug discovery and development, supporting multi-modality and multi-species image processing applications. VivoQuant combines essential viewing functionality with powerful tools for fine-tuning images, isolating and analyzing regions of interest, and more. 

Invicro, a Konica Minolta company, is an integral part of Konica Minolta’s precision medicine initiative, which aims to accelerate personalized medicine, discover novel therapeutic targets and develop innovative therapeutic technologies for unmet medical needs. 

As a global research partner to the pharmaceutical, biotech, and contract research organizations, Invicro helps to enhance the discovery and development of life-changing drugs, using a novel platform that brings together best-in-class expertise, imaging biomarkers, core lab services, analytics, and software. We answer questions that support more timely and accurate decision-making throughout the development process, from pre-clinical research to late-stage trials. 

*VivoQuant™ software is trademark owned by Invicro.  



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Developed by scientists for scientists, VivoQuant is a robust and flexible visualization and quantitative analytic software program. VivoQuant addresses the needs of the imaging research community and solves common pain points in preclinical and clinical image analysis workflows.

  • Multiple Image Formats 
    • VivoQuant supports the visualization and analysis of static and dynamic image data sets in DICOM and 30+native data formats.
  • Multimodality Image Registration 
    • VivoQuant offers multi-modal registration (manual and automated) with additional pre-processing features, including: 
      • Filtering
      • Cropping
      • Smoothing
      • Re-sampling functionality
  • ROI Segmentation 
    • VivoQuant provides a comprehensive set of automatic, semi-automatic, and manual tools for accurate and straightforward 3D ROI segmentation. Advanced modules, such as the 3D Brain Atlas Tool and the Multi-atlas Segmentation Tool (MAS) allow scientists to streamline analysis workflows by automatically generating target ROIs, thus saving time and improving reproducibility. 
  • Data Publication 
    • Analysis results can be published in tabular or graphical outputs. VivoQuant is also able to generate 2D and 3D images and movies in all views for publications and presentations. 
  • Workflow Automation & Batch Image Processing 
    • VivoQuant allows users to fully automate image analysis workflows from image upload to saving analysis results. Using JavaScript language principles, “VivoScripts” can be run and edited directly within VivoQuant and allow the creation of complete data analysis pipelines as well as batch image processing.
  • Data Management 
    • Powered by iPACSInvicro provides a seamless off-the-shelf software integration between VivoQuant and iPACS. Image and analysis data can be managed by the iPACS platform delivering integrated data management, reporting and sharing capabilities.
Feature Benefit
Fully DICOM Compatible Works with any DICOM data set from any modality or instrument
Multi-Modality  Supports and overlays data from most imaging modalities including MRI, PET, SPECT, CT, and Optical
Integration with iPACS Reliably upload larger image files ( > 200MB) and reduce submission failure rates
Three-Dimensional Rendering Function Apply balancing, shading, orientation, color, and lighting parameters to enhance 3D image renderings for presentations and publications. (3D ROI)
Integrated Image Analysis Tools Improve analyses using the Multi- Atlas segmentation (MAS) tool, K-Means Segmentation Algorithm, and Cortical Thickness Tool

Accessories and Add-Ons

  • 3D Brain Atlas Tool
  • Multi-Atlas Segmentation Too
  • B/M- Mode Ultrasound Analysis Tool
  • Pharmacokinetic Modeling Tool
  • 2D CiQuant Plug-in Tool
  • Functional MRI Tool
  • Integration with iPACS®.

iPACS is Invicro’s web-based project management system designed for in vivo imaging applications. The iPACS study management analysis software is a sophisticated, time-saving, web-based resource designed for imaging laboratories. iPACS offers a wide range of functionality for the organizational, processing, reporting and regulatory needs of preclinical and clinical imaging efforts. World-wide internet access allows users to collaborate seamlessly. User activity, such as electronic signatures and an audit trail ensuring the necessary information for 21 CFR Part 11 compliance, can be tracked in the iPACS with version control.