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Rest Gas Filter / Absorber

The UNO Gas Exhaust Unit can be connected to exhaust system for removal of exhaled or unused gasses.  When these systems are unavailable, the exhaust unit can be connected to a filter.  We offer two different filters.

Activated Charcoal Filter UNOSORB

This small canister can be connected to the UNO Gas Exhaust Unit. The activated charcoal will adsorb the isoflurane left in the exhailed flow. After each use, the canister must be weighed.  Once the weight has increased by 200 grams, the canister is ready for disposal.

Ordering code: 180000140

UNO BV - Rest Gas Filter / Absorber - Activated Charcoal Filter

Contraflurane Filter

This patented Contrafluran Anesthetic Scavenging Filter contains solid materials with a rugged grain structure, extensive surface area and high micro-porosity. This structure absorbs efficiently and retains anesthetic gas components selectively from the exhaled or unused anesthetic gas as it passes through the filter.

This Contrafluran filter has a storage capacity of approximately 400 grams, and is to be returned to UNO for environmentally friendly disposal of absorbed anesthetic gases.

Ordering code: 180000138

UNO BV - Rest Gas Filter / Absorber - Contraflurane Filter


The Contraflurane filter can be placed in a FILL-LEVEL-CONTROL-UNIT.

The differently coloured LED’S (Geen, Yellow, Red) of the control unit indicate the quality of the filtered expired gas and thus the fill level of the filter.

NOTE: the fill-level-control-unit has to be serviced annually.

Ordering code: 180000139

The filter cleans the expired gas and has still sufficient free capacity.

UNO BV - Rest Gas Filter / Absorber - Green LED


The capacity of the filter diminishes. Have a replacement filter available. A filter change is recommended when the second yellow LED lights up.

UNO BV - Rest Gas Filter / Absorber - Yellow LED


The capacity of the filter is exhausted. The used filter must be replaced by a new one.

UNO BV - Rest Gas Filter / Absorber - Red LED


UNO BV - Rest Gas Filter / Absorber - Contraflurane Filter - Fill Level Control Unit