UNO BV Anesthesia

UNO Anesthesia Solutions for Small Animal Research: There is growing demand for anesthesia equipment designed for small laboratory animals.  UNO BV designs and manufactures complete anesthesia systems and accessories for the smallest preclinical research subjects.  These systems are designed to deliver highly effective anesthesia with depth modulation. UNO BV systems are also designed with user safety as a priority. The system includes excellent waste gas scavenging to protect users from the negative effects of short-term exposure to anesthetic gases.

Anesthesia Products

Ventilator/ Respirator, specially built for respiration of mice, rats and guinea pigs and general inhalation anaesthesia with an endotracheal canula.

The UNO200Vap is the latest product in a distinguished line of vaporizers of the highest quality and reliability. It delivers accurate concentrations under varying conditions of flow rate and temperature, particularly at low flows.

UNO flowmeters

Our most commonly used flowmeters, type SF1, CM2 and SF3, are devices for the supply of medical gases offering antistatic and graduated measure tubes, complete with dosage units.

UNO Intubation Aid

Simple and effective intubation stands designed to assist the researcher with tube insertion without the need for IP anaesthesia.

UNO mouse facemask

UNO offers face masks for inhalation anaesthesia applications without respiration support. Three styles are available, mouse, rat and a 4 port station suitable for both mice and rats.

UNO Gas Exhaust Unit

The UNO Gas Exhaust Unit can be used for the direct-exhaust of waste anaesthetic- and exhaled gas while using face masks for rat and mouse.

UNO Univentor-Q Anaesthesia Unit

The Univentor 410 Anesthesia Unit is a complete anaesthetic delivery system, including built-in vaporizer and flowmeter, designed for small rodents.

The UNO Induction Box and Gas Exhaust Unit can be used for inducing inhalation anaesthesia with rats and mice.


UNO Gas Exhaust Units can be connected to a central exhaust system to collect exhaled and unused gasses. However, if such a system is not available, absorption filters can be used. UNO offers both Activated Charcoal and Contraflurane filters.

UNO Controlled Heating Systems

UNO rodent heating devices are designed specifically for use with mice and rats, providing either basic pad heating control or complete rectal probe feedback control based on desired core body temperature.

UNO Small Animal Retraction System

The UNO Small Animal Retraction System simplifies procedure set-up and provides excellent overview of the operative site during small animal surgery. Systems include a base plate, magnetic fixators, wire retractor handles, lab system elastomer and assorted retractor tips.

UNO Cold Light Source

The new UNO Cold Light Source uses LED technology to provide pure white (6300K) illumination during surgical procedures, without a need for ventilation.