RWD Stereotaxic Instrument Solutions

Stereotaxic instruments are widely used in many fields such as neuroanatomy, neurophysiology, neuropharmacology, and neurosurgery etc.

RWD offers a series of stereotaxic instruments to meet the experimental needs of rat, mouse, guinea pig, tree shrew, cat, rabbit, dog, monkey, and other animal models. Moreover, RWD stereotaxic instrument is fully equipped, which greatly improves the applicability of each stereotaxic instrument.

So, how to choose the most suitable stereotaxic instrument?

Firstly, according to the experimental objective and type of experiment, you can choose between the following types of frames: Standard, Compact, Rotational, or Large Animal.

Secondly, you can choose between Standard, Digital, or Automatic which will provide different precision readings: Standard (100um), Digital (10um), or Automatic (1um).

In addition, all manual stereotaxic instruments can be upgraded into digital stereotaxic instruments, while the single manipulator can be upgraded into the double-manipulator and converted easily: Single Manipulator or Dual Manipulator.

  • Standard Stereotaxic Instruments

  • Desktop Digital Stereotaxic Instruments

  • Portable/Rail Rat Stereotaxic Instruments

  • Compact Mouse Stereotaxic Instruments

  • Portable Rat & Mouse Stereotaxic Instruments

  • Large Animal Stereotaxic Instruments

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Standard Stereotaxic Instruments

Classic U-type base design, three-dimensional manipulator, ear bars, standard probe holder (other options available), and anesthesia adaptors for rats, mice, birds, cats, and other animals. Accurate to 100um. Frame with Dual Manipulators contains an extra three-dimensional manipulator.

Classic U-Type base design. Adapters for rats, mice, birds cats and other different animals are optional

Desktop Digital Stereotaxic Instruments

Digital displacement display for higher accuracy and efficiency! Precise displacement sensor accurate to 10um. Contains base plate, three-dimensional manipulator, ear bars, standard probe holder (other options available), optional adaptors for rats, mice, birds, cats, and other animals, and digital display module. Frame with Dual Manipulators contains an extra three-dimensional manipulator and digital display module.

Warming Stereotaxic Instruments

Integrated built-in thermal system saves space. Heating range of 20-45°C with real-time display of working status of pad and monitor.

Compact Mouse Stereotaxic Instruments

Smaller base plate and specific fixed base just for mice speeds up the setup process. Dorsal/Ventral adjustment for adaptor and ear bar is 20mm. Optional upgrades to Dual Manipulators and/or digital display module.

Portable Rat & Mouse Stereotaxic Instruments

Complete setup for rats and mice, includes base plate, three-dimensional manipulator, mouse and rat adaptors, rat 18° ear bars and mouse 60° ear bars, and standard probe holder (other options available). Upgrade to the digital version, which includes the digital display module.

Large Animal Stereotaxic Instruments

Complete setup includes base plate, left and right two-dimensional manipulators, optional adaptors available for dogs, monkeys, pigs, and other large animals, ear bars. The unique jaw plate design stabilizes animals’ heads of varying weights.

Dog/Monkey MRI Stereotaxic Instruments

Completely made of plastic materials, MRI compatible, also suitable for nuclear environments. Holds up to six manipulator arms.