RWD Animal Ventilators

RWD offers 2 different ventilators:

  • VentStar Small Animal Ventilator

  • R419 Intelligent Animal Ventilator

VentStar Small Animal Ventilator

Ventilators are the most common instrument for assisting animal respiration, widely used in preclinical research, clinical medicine, and veterinary medicine (such as myocardial ischemia model), and for respiratory management in animal surgery, emergency treatment, and respiratory therapy. The VentStar offers a 7-inch LCD touch screen display, small size, and is suitable for mice, rats, guinea pigs, and other animals weighing 10g-1kg. Choose between volume control or pressure control and customize up to 10 sets of respiratory parameters for convenience.

R419 Intelligent Animal Ventilator

Mechanical ventilation device in accordance with veterinary clinical practice. 3 modes of operation include VCV, PIPCV, and APNEA to meet multiple clinical applications. Accommodate a variety of animals with real-time adjustable respiratory ratio and airway pressure rate and choose from two different sized bellows for output tidal volume of 20~300mL or 300~1500mL.


  • Lightweight, portable, user-friendly design, multi-parameter fixed platform, easy to operate
  • Provides safe and effective intermittent positive pressure ventilation (IPPV)
  • Provides internal battery power for more than 4 hours
  • Adjustable power supply (110/220V)