RWD Precise Impactor for Rat & Mice

The Precise Impactor is a tool to evaluate traumatic brain injury mechanisms in basic medical research. This system is a popular way to model traumatic brain injury, controlled by pneumatic and electric devices with increased accuracy and reproducibility. In addition, a unique sensor is used to automatically detect the zero-interface reference point at the impact point of the model accurately and reliably before the start of the impact procedure, thus reducing the tedious process of manual zeroing and assists in making precise and highly repeatable brain injury modeling. The standard cylindrical head hammers with different sizes are available. The parameters such as impact depth, velocity, and dwell time can be precisely controlled to ensure that the damage level is correct. It is an accurate tool with high efficiency, repeatability, and stability, ensuring reproducibility of the damage model.


  • Pneumatic pure electric control, a popular way to make a traumatic brain injury model.
  • High efficiency with automatic detection of zero interface to avoid the cumbersome manual process before the impact.
  • Use ball screw to control displacement, stable and reliable rotation, large screw handle, easy operation.
  • Color LCD touch screen interface with friendly and intuitive software.
  • Strike speed: up to 5.6m/s, speed range: 0.5-5.6m/s, resolution ratio: 0.1m/s.
  • Control the dwell time and strike depth, the time range: 0.00-5.00s, resolution ratio: 0.01s, the depth range: 0.00-5.00mm, resolution ratio: 0.01mm.
  • A variety of cylindrical flat head hammers are available, with outer diameters of 1mm, 2mm, 3mm, 4mm and 5mm.
  • Supports a variety of gas supply, easy to connect oxygen tanks.
  • Solid, stable, and heavy frame.
  • Ultra Precise Rotational adapter is flexible and fast to meet the needs of different points of impact.

RWD Rodents and Monkey Spinal Cord Impactor

RWD’s spinal impactor is a unique tool to evaluate the mechanisms of spinal cord injury models. It adopts an accurate laser to achieve the precise location and measurement. Used with the rat and mouse adaptor or the monkey adaptor, the spinal impactor solves the problem of modeling error caused by spinal collapse, thus ensuring effectiveness and uniformity during experiments.


  • New design & easy operation, suitable for mouse, rat, or monkey within 5 kg, such as the Macaca Fascicularis.
  • Pneumatic control of speed, depth, and dwell time.
  • Specialized laser sensor to ensure accurate measurement, with 0.01mm accuracy.
  • Speed, dwell time and displacement graph can be displayed and recorded on a PC through software.
  • Data can be recalled at any time to review an experiment. High reliability due to better simulation trauma biomechanics characteristics.
  • Cylindrical flat hammer, OD 3 mm, can be dismounted.
  • Speed 0.00~2.00m/s, depth 0.00~10.00mm, dwell time 0.05~5.00s.
  • The spinal cord adapter holds the spinal cord from bilateral processus transversus, avoiding depth measurement error due to animals breathing; also avoids subsidence of the spinal cord on impact.
  • Windows XP, 7,8,10 compatible; computer not included.


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