RWD Small Animal Anesthetic Face Masks

For inhalation anesthesia without respiration support, RWD has 3 face masks available:

  • Concentric Tubing Masks
  • Cone Masks
  • Stereotaxic Frame Nosecone Masks
  • Concentric Tubing Masks

  • Bowl Masks

  • Cone Masks

  • Stereotaxic Frame Nose Cone Masks

  • Imaging Masks

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Concentric Tubing Masks

The Concentric Tubing design is sturdy and durable and can be placed on the benchtop. The entire mask (including tubing) is made of non-metallic material suitable for MRI environments. The tube can be secured by a fixed bracket, height of the mask is adjustable, and it can also be fixed and placed in MRI, PET, and SPECT imaging systems. Options for single, dual, and 5-channels.

The mask can be secured by fixed bracket (68625) or the fixed platform (68626), height of the mask is adjustable, and it can also be fixed and placed in MRI, PET and SPECT imaging systems

Simultaneous experiments can be performed on 2-5 rats or mice with five channels of anesthesia mask

Bowl Masks

  • Clear cone for full visualization of muzzle.
  • The Cone Masks can be installed onto 68620 anesthesia operation platform(300*210*75mm) to secure the animal in it.
  • Height of the mask can be adjusted to meet different experimental needs.
  • Special semi-enclosed mask design, coordinating with the evacuation apparatus to absorb and remove the waste gas outside the mask completely

Cone Masks

  • Specially designed with inlet tubing inside, enabling anesthesia exhaust gas to be absorbed by a gas filter canister.
  • Allows access to eyes, ears, and top of head.
  • The cone masks can be installed onto 68630 operation bed for single cone mask or 68657 manifold for five cone masks.

Stereotaxic Frame Nose Cone Masks

  • These masks are specifically designed to fit most stereotaxic frames and deliver anesthetic gases with minimal exposure during surgery. The animal’s teeth are placed over the incisor bar within the mask.
  • Two kinds of Stereotaxic Frame Nosecone Masks are available: the passive scavenging mask contains a collinear inlet and outlet to be used with a charcoal canister only, and the active scavenging mask offers separate (non-collinear) inlet and outlet on both sides that can be used with an evacuation apparatus.

Imaging Masks

  • This mask mainly works with ultrasound animal imaging heating platform and the anesthetic mask for the actual operation of ultrasound imaging to ensure
    that animals are quiet, fixed, to meet the needs of special environmental imaging.