• User-Friendly Touch Screen Interface
  • Outstanding Sectioning Quality
  • Enhanced Ergonomics
  • High quality and affordable
  • Safety in mind
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The new generation of microtomes from RWD are built upon market-leading microtome design. These microtomes feature superior usability with excellent safety standards for all types of sectioning applications. If working with delicate specimens (example being brain samples) the system will provide reproducible, thin, serial sections of maximum quality time and again.

Combining the speed of a manual microtome with the precision of motorized specimen feeding, the fully automated and semi automated versions of the RWD microtome helps researchers get consistent, reproducible sections time and again.

Smart simple touchscreen functionality

Easily set or modify set-points on a touch screen menu. The intelligent touch screen interface is designed to provide complete data visibility to create or modify all needed setpoints.

Precision is key

Researchers need to have confidence that each slice is the same over the course of sectioning a sample. The RWD microtome provides researchers that confidence. It has a precise motor stepping system to ensure sectioning quality. The system also contains a patented visual pointer identification to keep samples at the same angle to increase accuracy.

Efficiency built in

Beyond the easy to use 5’’ touch screen, the system offers several other features to increase efficiency and convenience. The sample position memory function and one-click reset

improve sectioning efficiency. Beyond this the side sample knob is ergonomically designed to make for comfortable operation.

Safety is key

The knife has a guard and retracting device to protect the safety of the operator. The built in handwheel dual lock system also enhance protection to the user. Last, the RWD system has alarm functions for remaining injection to prompt the sectioning process in time to ensure smooth cuts.

  • Pathological diagnosis
  • Biological research
  • Neuroanatomical research
  • Pharmaceutical research
Model S700 Semi-Auto S700A Fully-Auto
Section thickness setting range: 0.50 – 100 µm X X
Trimming section thickness setting range: 1 – 800 µm X X
Electric sectioning speed: 0-1800µm X


Specimen retraction: 0-250µm X X
Specimen feed: 28mm X X
Vertical stroke: 70mm X X
Specimen orientation with zero position horizontal/vertical rotation: X/Y axis 8° X X
Maximum specimen size:55*50*30mm X X
W x D x H: 483mm×553mm×305mm X X
Machine weight 28kg 36.4kg
Fully motorized and semi- motorized mode switch X
Emergency stop button X
Cut window function X
Slice speed selection X
Multiple slice modes X
Pedals X

Complimentary Microtome Blades

  • Low profile blades available
  • Sharp, durable and cost effective solution
  • Will fit most microtome and cryostat models
  • Packed in a push-out distribution box for user safety and easy access
  • Angled at 35°, supporting nearly every application

50-Pack Microtome Blades available now for $85.00 USD
Contact us at sales@scintica.com to place an order