MDE GmbH Biological Research

Instruments designed and manufactured by MDE GmbH provide the highest level of precision and accuracy required for physiological and pharmacological research. They offer a large selection of sensors, amplifiers and storage software, including fully configured systems and accessories for Cardiac, Vascular, Neurological and Gastroenterological research.

Complete Systems

Gravitation-Controlled Heart Perfusion Systems - MDE GmbH

Gravitation-Controlled Heart Perfusion Systems

Traditional Gravitation-controlled Langendorff systems with Working Heart option.

Pump-Controlled Heart Perfusion Systems - MDE GmbH

Pump-Controlled Heart Perfusion System

Pump-controlled Isolated Heart systems for studying small mammal heart function.

Compact Pump-Controlled Heart Perfusion System - MDE GmbH

Compact Pump-Controlled Heart Perfusion System

A turn-key, fully-integrated Langendorff-Working Heart System for cardiovascular research.

Isolated Muscle Tissue Systems

Isolated Tissue Systems

Complete turn-key solutions for pharmacological examination of smooth and striated muscle tissue samples.

Small Vessel Wire Myograph Systems

Small Vessel Myography

Precision, modular wire-myograph systems for functional study of small vessels, arteries and smooth muscle ring samples.

Zebrafish System

CardioFish System

For physiological, pharmacological and toxicological studies in cardiovascular function and group behavior using adult zebrafish.


Amplifiers and Stimulators

MDE GmbH biological amplifiers and stimulators are specifically developed for physiology, pharmacology, and neurology research. Primary focus is simple control of measurement units and functions, providing flexibility to the user regardless of application. In addition, these units are designed to be universally compatible with virtually all data acquisition and signal conditioning equipment. Amplifiers and stimulators are offered in one, two and four channel designs.