Our flow instruments are designed to aid the researcher performing experiments under various flow and pressure conditions.

Living Systems Instrumentation designs, develops, and manufactures instruments for in vitro research studies of pressurized, perfused, cannulated blood vessels. These include vessel chambers and electro-mechanical apparatus for the measurement and control of pressure, flow rate and vessel dimensions. Living Systems also offers an array of laboratory equipment that are essential to any successful research project!

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Pumps & Instruments

FC_FlowControlPeristalticPump_web_8839v1.jpgFlow Control Peristaltic Pump

This miniature peristaltic pump delivers precise volume flow rates over a range determined by the setting of two calibrated potentiometer controls, and the tube set size chosen. It is similar to the pump used in the pressure servo control unit (PS-200).

– Flow output signal
–External voltage control of flow rates

Volume flow range 8 µl/min–2400 µl/min Power DC supply or battery (9 V), depending on tube set used.
Dimensions 6 cm W x 6 cm H x 10 cm D


Flow Indicator

The FI-1 provides a digital readout of the flow rate delivered by the FC flow control pump or the PS-200 pressure servo control pump. Flow rate can be monitored directly on the front-panel meter in µl/min, or using the analog voltage output signal, which is compatible with most data acquisition systems. The FI-1 also has a connector that enables remote control of flow rate using a D/A output or other analog voltage source.

Flow rate 0–25 through 0–500 µl/min ranges
Standard ranges 25, 50, 100, 200, 500 µl/min
Accuracy ±3% ±1 µl/min (over 5% to 100% of range maximum)
Precision ±1% or 0.1 µl/min
Panel meter resolution ±0.1 µl/min
Output signal 10 mV/µl/min
Response time < 1 s
Power 117 V/60 Hz or 230 V/50 Hz


Four Channel Superfusion Peristaltic Pump

This quality peristaltic pump is ideal for vessel bath superfusion. The pump includes four flow heads which can be configured in several ways.

For example:
– four inflow lines
– four outflow lines
– two inflow & two outflow lines.

Use INFLOW-IT-44-PKG4 tubing for inflow side; Use OUTFLOW-IT-48-PKG4 tubing for outflow side

Typical Applications +Superfusion of vessel and tissue baths +organ perfusion +General purpose fluid delivery applications
Dimensions 134.9 mm D x 177.8 mm W x 101.6 mm H
Max Flow Rate 75 (ml/min)
Flow Range 0.0075 to 75 (ml/min)
Flow Rate Range 1 with INFLOW-IT-44 Tubing: 0.60 to 60 ml/min
Flow Rate Range 2 with OUTFLOW-IT-48 Tubing: 0.75 to 75 ml/min


Two Channel Superfusion Peristaltic Pump

This quality peristaltic pump is ideal for vessel bath superfusion. The pump includes two flow heads, one for delivering solution to the bath (inflow), and one for removing fluid from the bath (outflow).

Use INFLOW-IT-44-PKG4 tubing for the inflow side;

and use OUTFLOW-IT-48-PKG4 tubing for the outflow side.

– Easily adjustable speed control
– Start/stop and direction control
– Remote I/O: RJ45 Ethernet, USB, DB-25
– 12 rollers on pump heads minimize flow pulsations
– Click-n-go mini cartridges for easy tubing change
– Uses 3-stop tube sets

Typical Applications +Superfusion of vessel and tissue baths +Organ perfusion +General purpose fluid delivery applications
Dimensions 5.8″ W x 6.3″ H x 8.7″ L (14.7 x 15.7 x 22.1 cm)
Max Flow Rate 38 mL/min
Flow Range 0.0001 to 38 mL/min
Tubing Three-stop tubing; 0.13 to 3.17 mm ID

Tubing & Accessories


Peristaltic Pump 2 Stop Inflow Tubing, Pkg of 4 Tubesets

Flow Rate Range with SP-2C-IT Pump 0.55 to 27 ml/min
Tubing Material PharMed BPT
ID 2.29 mm


Peristaltic Pump 2 Stop Outflow Tubing, Pkg of 4 Tubesets

This tubing fits our SP-2C-IT and SP-4C-IT peristaltic pumps.

Flow Rate Range with SP-2C-IT Pump: 0.69 to 34 ml/min
Tubing Material: PharMed BPT
ID 2.79 mm

Replacement Silicone Inflow Tubing

  •  7′ length of replacement tubing for SP pump; normally used on inflow side of plumbing.
Dimensions/ weight 42 cm x 17 cm / 4 k

Replacement Silicone Outflow Tubing

  • 7′ length of replacement tubing for SP pump; normally used on outflow side of plumbing.


Stand for FC Pump

This is a convenient stand for mounting the Flow Control Pump (FC) near your vessel chamber. It contains a ring stand with a special adapter that attaches to the housing of the pump.

FC-TS-015_TubeSet_0-015inchID_web_018v1.jpgTube Set for FC; 0.015″ ID, set of 5

Regular replacement of tube sets is important to ensure reliable performance and good working condition of your FC pump. Under regular usage conditions, tube sets should be replaced at least monthly. Tube sets are sold in packs of five. Below is an abbreviated list of our tube sets; many other options are also available.

Tubing ID: 0.015″
Flow Rates (approximate): 8 to 83 µl/min


Tube Set for FC; 0.020″ ID, set of 5

Tubing ID: 0.020″
Flow Rates (approximate): 18 to 180 µl/min

FC-TS-031_TubeSet_0-031inchID_web_008v1.jpgTube Set for FC; 0.031″ ID, set of 5

Tubing ID: 0.031″
Flow Rates (approximate): 35 to 350 µl/min


Tube Set for FC; 0.062″ ID, set of 5

Tubing ID: 0.062″
Flow Rates (approximate): 125 µl/min to 1250 µl/min

FC-TS-093_TubeSet_0-093inchID_web_016v1.jpgTube Set for FC; 0.093″ ID, set of 5

Tubing ID: 0.093″
Flow Rates (approximate): 240 µl/min to 2400 µl/min

WINDKESSEL_in-lineLuerReservoir_web_3437v1.jpgWindkessel Reservoir, In-Line Luer , pair

A windkessel is a plumbing component that serves to dampen pressure/flow pulsations. Pulsation dampening is accomplished by introducing a compressible air reservoir into a physiological solution flow circuit. Our windkessels are constructed using a Luer tee fitting that can be connected in-line with your vessel perfusion circuit. The top arm of the Luer tee has the air-filled reservoir that serves to dampen flow/pressure pulsations of the fluid going through the main line of the tee. Windkessels can be introduced on the downstream side of a FC Flow Control Pump, as well as on the upstream side of a PS-200 Pressure Servo Pump in constant pressure/constant flow systems.  Includes two windkessels.