Living Systems Instrumentation designs, develops, and manufactures instruments for in vitro research studies of pressurized, perfused, cannulated blood vessels. These include vessel chambers and electro-mechanical apparatus for the measurement and control of pressure, flow rate and vessel dimensions. Living Systems also offers the classic Halpern/Mulvany style wire myograph for measuring force in microvessel rings and other in vitro tissue samples.  Use of these products facilitates new insights into the mechanisms underlying vascular function in human health and disease.

Preclinical Research Solutions

Pressure Arteriograph Systems

Applying and maintaining physiological pressures in cannulated blood vessels is a key factor in vascular research. Precise control of pressure, with or without intraluminal flow, is a paramount necessity. Living System’s pressure instrumentation is designed to establish, control, and measure the intraluminal pressure during an experiment.


Wire Myograph Systems

Living System’s wire myographs include three types of tissue supports: wire-mounts for microvessels, L-bars for large ring preparations, and a hook for working with strips. These are suitable for a range of applications including force measurements in microvessel rings, large vessels such as carotid artery and aorta, airway, intestine, bladder, and many more.


Living Systems Consumables

Living Systems Instrumentation offers a variety of lab equipment essential to any life scientist’s laboratory. Learn more about our large collection of dissection dishes that come in various colors and sizes, our aeration and oxygenation equipment, cannulae, dissection pins and tools, video recording equipment, and more!


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