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Mouse Telemetry Systems

The Kaha Sciences Mouse Telemetry System enables biopotential (ECG, EEG, or EMG) recording in mice over 22 grams.  This system features several unique and enhanced capabilities compared to existing technology and systems, including multiple implanted animals (up to 40) channels allowing simultaneous data recording without interference, reducing the time required for high-volume studies.  Affordable single-use telemeters eliminate the need to surgically explant, clean and refurbish the implant.  Analog outputs connect the Mouse Telemetry System with your preferred data acquisition system.

Kaha Sciences - MT110 Cage

How Kaha Sciences Wireless  Mouse Telemetry Works

The system combines digital telemetry with our patented wireless power technology. This allows power transfer from a single combined wireless power platform and digital receiver, the tBases.  Key benefits of this wireless technology include:

  • 24-hour sampling at a high frequency (2kHz) when the cage is on the tBase
  • Recording capabilities for multiple animals simultaneously- 40 independent data collection frequencies for recording without signal interference
Kaha Sciences - Telemetry Compilation

Advantages of Telemetry – Conscious, unrestrained, long-term

Conscious. Following surgical recovery, data is recorded from conscious animals capable of moving and engaging in normal behaviors. The ability to conduct conscious recordings also eliminates the possible influence of anesthesia on physiological signals.

Unrestrained. Animal handling and restraint can induce a stress response. Telemetry eliminates this unnecessary animal stress.

Long-term. Telemetry data recording allows researchers to record, analyze and observe the development of pathology over days, weeks or months without missing a specific data timepoint.  Further, within-animal design, can enhance statistical power and reduce the number of animals required.

Why Kaha Sciences Mouse Telemetry?

  • Real-time 24/7 recording

  • As well as biopotential measurements the system provides an index of animal activity

  • Reduced stress- no handling, restraint or anesthesia

  • Wireless recording and power

  • Simultaneous data collection using up to 40 different transmission frequencies

  • Affordable single-use telemeters



Parkinson’s research

Tumor models

Seizure and epilepsy research

Pharmacology and toxicology studies

Get More From Your Telemetry Data

Wireless data transfer coupled to a high 2kHz sampling rate enables new research possibilities.  Measurements that could once only be obtained using acute tethered experiments can be measured in telemetered, free-moving animals for weeks or months at a time.

Kaha Sciences - ECG Mouse Telemetry Data
Kaha Sciences - EEG Mouse Telemetry Data

Mouse System Configuration

The Kaha Mouse Telemetry System consists of the MT10B telemeter for biopotential recording, a tBase digital receiver and wireless power platform and a Configurator system for set up.  This system can be configured to obtain biopotential data from up to 40 mice without interference between telemeters.

Kaha Sciences - Mouse Telemetry System

Mouse Telemetry System Components

Mouse Biopotential Telemeter (MT10B)

The single-use telemeter has a sampling rate of 2kHz and is delivered sterile, ready for easy subcutaneous implantation.

Kaha Sciences - MT10B Mouse Biopotential Telemeter

tBase (MT110)

The tBase is used to power implanted telemeters, receive data, provide an index of animal activity and simply connects via analog outputs (BNC) to transfer data to your data acquisition system.  A standard mouse cage is placed on top of the tBase and the telemeter is immediately powered.

Kaha Sciences - MT110 tBase - Front

Configurator System (TR190 and ConfigSoft)

This system controls the pairing of tBases with telemeters and works for both Kaha rat and mouse systems.  Only one Configurator is required per laboratory and allows configuration and pairing of telemeters and tBases using up to 40 frequencies.

Kaha Sciences - TR190 ConfigSoft & Configurator System

Mouse System Telemeter

The mouse telemeter is approximately 2 cm long with 8 cm bipotential leads and weighs 3.0 grams.  The mouse telemeter is designed for single use and easy subcutaneous implantation and are shipped sterile ready for immediate use.  The telemeter does not contain a battery and is simply powered, and therefore collecting and transmitting data, as soon as it is placed on the tBase.  Each telemeter is designed to measure one biopotential signal, ECG, EEG or EMG.

Kaha Sciences - MT10B Telemeter
Telemeter Model MT10B
SubjectMouse > 22 g
Biopotential Input Range+2.5 mV
Biopotential Resolution12 bit A/D
Biopotential High Pass CharacteristicsAC coupled, single pole, -3 dB point at 2 Hz
Biopotential Low Pass CharacteristicsAC coupled, single pole, -3 dB point at 440 Hz
Biopotential Electrode Leads8 cm length, coiled stainless steel
Biopotential Electrode Diameter0.42 MM
Sampling Frequency2 kHz
Transmitted SignalFully digital at 2.4 GHz
Channels40 transmission frequencies are available, user set 22 g
Minimum Animal Weight22 g
Outer MaterialCeramic (telemeter body) and polyurtethane (leadseat)
Volume1.8 cm³
On / Off MechanismPowered when placed on the tBase and deactivated when removed from the tBase
Analog Output Calibration ValuesActivity: 0 V output = 0 RAU, 3.84 V output = 10 RAU
Biopotential: 2.048 V output = 0 mV input, 4.096 V output = 2.5 mV input
Data Received: ~0 V output = 0 (no data received), ~3.3 V = 1 (data received)

Mouse System Hardware

The MT110 tBase is both a wireless power supply and receiver for Kaha Sciences mouse telemeters.

  • The top of the tBase has an indent (335mm (L) x 190mm (W) x 10mm (D)) which the mouse cage is placed in for the best access to the inductive power field.

  • The tBase generates an inductive power field which extends approximately 7cm above the surface of the indent.

  • When the mouse telemeter is within the tBase power field, the telemeter will be powered and data recorded.

Kaha Sciences - MT110 tBase - Front & Rear
tBase FunctionsProvides power to mouse telemeters using inductive wireless technology, outputs standard analog voltage compatible with any data acquisition system (BNC), has a built-in fan for optimal temperature operation.
Weight3.0 Kg
Dimensions400 (w) x 450 (d) x 65 (h) mm / 15.7 (w) x 17.7 (d) x 2.6 (h) in
Cage Platform Dimensions190 (w) x 335 (d) mm / 7.5 (w) x 13.2 (d) in
Power Input100-240 V, 50-60 Hz
Max. Power Draw90 W
Temperature Operating Range10 to 40 degrees Celsius
Output ConnectorsBNC x 3
Output Voltage Range0 to 4 V
Low Pass Filtering on Signal OutputsCut off frequency = 1 kHz

Configurator System

The Configurator System (TR190 Configurator hardware and ConfigSoft software), wirelessly communicates with the mouse telemeters and tBases. The system allows the user to:

  • Change/configure the transmission frequency of the tBase

  • Change/configure the transmission frequency of the telemeter.

  • Run Diagnostics on telemeters and tBases.

Only a single Configurator System is required for each laboratory and it is NOT required during data acquisition. Existing Configurator hardware in use with Rat Telemetry Systems can be used with the Mouse Telemetry System, however, a firmware and ConfigSoft software upgrade may be required.

Kaha Sciences - TR190 ConfigSoft & Configurator System

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