Indus Instruments

Indus Instruments manufactures products for assessing cardiovascular function as well as a uniquely comprehensive surgical monitoring system for rodents to ensure stable and ethical results.   The Indus Doppler Flow Velocity system, able to measure blood flow up to a 1cm depth, is a well published and non-invasive approach to assessing cardiovascular function in rodents and can be a substitute for more invasive approaches or expensive ultrasound systems.

Preclinical Research Solutions

Indus Doppler Flow Velocity System

The Indus Doppler Flow Velocity System is used to noninvasively evaluate cardiovascular physiology and function primarily in anesthetized mice and rats. Investigators can serially follow changes that occur due to aging, disease progression, remodeling and the effects of surgical or pharmacological interventions. The system consists of four components: Pulsed Doppler Transceiver, Doppler Signal Digitizer, Doppler Workstation and Handheld Probe.

Rodent Surgical Monitor - Indus Instruments

The Indus Rodent Surgical Monitor+ is an advanced, integrated surgical warming and vital signs monitoring solution for preclinical research in mice, rats and other small animals.  The system provides detailed information, in real time, regarding subject body temperature, ECG, heart rate, respiration, pressure and pulse oximetry.  A standard setup consists of three components: Touchscreen Display Unit, Heated Surgical Platform and Temperature Probe.