Non-Invasive Blood Pressure Recorders

A turn-key, bench-top system for non-invasive recording of tail cuff blood pressure in mice and rats.

Scintica BP-3 Non-invasive Blood Pressure Recorder

study 1 or 3 subjects simultaneously
in a temperature controlled enclosure

The BP-3 offers three cage slots within a temperature regulated enclosure permitting scientists to measure tail cuff blood pressure in three subjects simultaneously. A tail cuff and pulse sensor are attached to the subject once placed in a restrainer. Deflation rate can be adjusted via analog dial on the front of the machine. The control mode can be set to automatic or manual.

Accompanying the NIBP systems is a software interface for real-time acquisition and review of blood pressure waveforms and derived physiological measurements. Conveniently, data is transferred digitally via direct USB interface, removing the need for a universal data acquisition system.

Rat Restrainer

bp-3 rat restrainer

Pulse Sensor

bp-3 pulse sensor

Tail Cuff

bp-3 tail cuff