• Fits into nearly any CO2 incubator

  • Highly controlled O2 and CO2 levels

  • 2 box sizes to fit different needs

  • Boxes can be clear or dark depending on research needs

  • Up to 3 boxes can be controlled by one gas controller

  • Minimal footprint

  • Affordable compared to stand alone hypoxia chambers while being able to provide many of the same conditions

PhO2x Box is a dynamic oxygen (and CO2) controlling system. The system can be used on a lab bench paralleling ambient temperature and humidity or within a CO2 incubator mirroring those conditions within. It is perfect for short-term experiments where media does not need to be frequently changed. In addition, it is perfect for those looking to get into the physoxia/hypoxia world without having to purchase a dynamic hypoxia chamber, instead using their functional CO2 incubator.

The PhO2x Box comprises an Intelligent Gas Mixer (offering control of O2/CO2) connected to a Cell Culture Chamber. The chambers come in large and small sizes and in clear or black formats, covering all researcher needs and space constraints. Up to 3 chambers can be controlled by one gas mixer if needed as well. PhO2x Box can accommodate a range of 6,12,24,96 well plates and some smaller flasks.

Get physoxic/hypoxic without another chamber

Hypoxia chambers and workstations (like the HypoxyLab) have a variety of benefits that should not be overlooked, but not everyone needs a full-fledged system to answer the questions they have. The PhO2x Box offers researchers a practical and cost-effective way to conduct controlled O2 studies on cells. When used within a standard incubator, the PhO2x Box offers the same controlled conditions (temperature, humidity, O2, and CO2) one would get in any full-sized hypoxia incubator.

Full physiological control

Whenever an incubator door is opened, CO2 and O2 levels are drastically augmented, and it then takes several minutes for the incubator to readjust to the set point levels. This is compounded when one thinks about how many times an incubator door may be opened in a day.

The PhO2x Box maintains the gaseous conditions your cells require for survival when threatened by ambient conditions from outside of the culture environment. You should not have to worry that a change in atmosphere is affecting your results, and with the PhO2x Box, you will never have to again.

Short-term hypoxia

Oxygen can be set as low as 0.3%. This is an affordable and quick way to create a low oxygen atmosphere for cells for short-term hypoxia studies where no media changes are needed during the experiment.

Compact and adaptable

The small size of the PhO2x Box chambers means it should be able to fit into most incubators. Users have the choice to get the standard gas mixer (which controls the atmosphere of one chamber) or the advanced gas mixer (allowing for gas control of up to 3 separate chambers).

Easy navigation software

The software is simple to use and allows for steady state incubation or cycling – 4 different O2 and CO2 levels are pre-programmable.

Intelligent Gas Mixer – offering precise control of O2/CO2

  • Range O2: 0.3%-18.5% (using compressed air) but can use O2 up to 25%, sensor accuracy +/- 0.1%
  • Range CO2: 0.3-20%
  • Steady state incubation or cycling (up to 4 different O2 and CO2 levels are pre-programmable)
  • Standard version – controls atmosphere of one box chamber
  • Deluxe version – controls up to 3 separate box chambers
  • On-screen data log displaying time/date/O2 set point/O2 value/CO2 set point/CO2 value (most recent 7 days)

Box Chambersin vitro cell cultures for plates and small flasks

  • 4 separate boxes available (small or large – clear or black)
  • Small box 340 x 300 x 160 mm (W x D x H) – 24 x 96 well plates
  • Large box 360 x 300 x 230 mm (W x D x H) – 36 x 96 well plates
  • Black box is perfect for cells that need to stay in the dark
  • Removable shelf if user has larger flasks

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