Preclinical Research Solutions



Ideal for animal research models, the VelO2x system was created to provide controlled and isolated environments. By simulating the conditions experienced within a diseased state, VelO2x allows Researchers to better understand the impact that O2 levels have across various conditions.


CondoCell captures the environment of any incubator or workstation making continuous, uninterrupted culture accessible to all. When coupled with a workstation, CondoCell helps avoid any disruption in the delivery of temperature, humidity, CO2 and O2 to the culture environment.It may also be paired with any incubator to deliver stable, uninterrupted control of the growth environment.

PhO₂x Box

For cell researchers who already have Hypoxia Workstations, PhO2x Box will provide them with the ability to install a second – or even third – independently controlled atmosphere in parallel with the main chamber.

This expands the experimental capacity of those workstations, bringing much more flexibility and productivity to the lab.


OxyGenie is a low oxygen culture system for plant and cell biology. A miniaturized incubation platform, OxyGenie delivers researchers a small, portable and continuous physoxic (hypoxic) environment for short term physiological oxygen and temperature studies. OxyGenie is ideal for conducting high resolution microscopy or irradiation under physiological oxygen conditions



Our InvivO2 workstation is packed with new, innovative features that allow you to study even the most complex cell interactions under perfect physiological oxygen conditions.


The Concept range has been rigorously tested to maximize productivity of systemized anaerobic or microaerophilic incubation; bringing together a host of features that you can trust, bringing immediate benefits to your busy laboratory.


Bugbox anaerobic workstations are designed to help microbiologists cope with rising workloads and provide the best primary isolation rates. Plates can be examined easily without exposing them to oxygen. The interlock system allows simple and fast transfer of 90mm plates into the anaerobic chamber.


The SCI-tive range of advanced physiological workstations are designed to mimic ‘in-vivo’ conditions providing a continuous cell culture environment which eliminates cellular stress linked to variations in temperature, pH and oxidation.



Constant, ideal environment for optimal cell growth. At Baker, it is our job to deliver optimal “Environments for Science”TM. Our ReCO2 ver and ReCO2 ver Plus incubators have been designed with that in mind, providing precision control over the environmental conditions your cells require to thrive while delivering unprecedented recovery over those conditions after they have been interrupted.