Dear Scientific Research Community,

The year 2021 has been a year of learning for all of us as we cope with a new set of realities and operating conditions.  Life must go on and good science is the foundation for the future of our society. Here at Scintica we have been investing in this future by taking on new scientific staff and interesting products to create benefits for science and enable good research.  We are looking forward to more collaborations and interesting results for the months and years to come!



New Additions To The Scintica Family

We are excited to announce the new scientific instruments that joined the Scintica family. We are positive these systems will aid you in your research.

iNSiGHT Fully Shielded DXA System

IntraVital Microscopy (IVM)

NGB-R: Next-Generation Bioprinting

Upcoming Webinars

Here at Scintica, we conduct live demos and webinars to provide tips, ideas, and ways to move your research forward with the systems we provide. Here are a few of the upcoming webinars.

Attendees will walk through the system’s workflow as a user and provide in-depth information on setting up an animal for imaging, acquiring microscopic images using the software, and applying some post-processing techniques to obtain quantifiable results. 

On-Demand Webinars

Learn more about our products through our series of webinars

See Us in Person At the Upcoming Conferences

We Are Very Excited to See You “In-Person” at The Following Conferences through our series of webinars
ASBMR 2021

This year, the American Society for Bone and Mineral Research (ASBMR 2021) will take place in San Diego from October 1-4, 2021. We await the opportunity to meet in person after a long year. Save your date!

Location: San Diego, CA, USA

DatesOctober 1-4, 2021

WMIC 2021

This year, the World Molecular Imaging Congress (WMIC 2021) will take place in Miami from October 6-9, 2021. So get ready for the beach and Science!

Location: Miami, FL, USA

DatesOctober 6-9, 2021

AHA 2021

This year’s American Heart Association Scientific Session (AHA 2021) will take place in Boston from November 13-15. We are excited to announce that this time there will be an opportunity for on-site exhibitions.

Location: Boston, MA, USA

DatesNovember 13-15, 2021

Termis 2021

We are excited to meet you at the 6th world congress of the Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine International Society (TERMIS 2021). The congress will take place in Maastricht from November 15-19, 2021.

Location: Maastricht, Netherlands

DatesNovember 15-19, 2021


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