Externally nothing was altered. The HypoxyLab continues to be a well designed, compact, and ergonomically friendly hypoxia workstation perfect for any lab bench.

All the changes themselves revolve around a complete redesign of the inner turret which houses the gas distribution system, temperature regulation, various sensors and HEPA filter. What does this mean for researchers? Well, this redesign results in an almost 50% increase in working volume and combines this with improved sample evaporation characteristics, easier HEPA filter serviceability, more ergonomic shelving and a significantly reduced noise footprint. Further, the addition of a false floor better eliminates condensation build-up for those completing longer term studies.

For all research investigators additional working volume is not to be understated. Commenting on his experience with the new system, Prof. Oliver Thews (an existing HypoxyLab user at the Martin-Luther University in Halle-Wittenberg, Germany) remarked, “The new design offers so much more space for the experiments in the chamber”. More workable area further means even larger measurement devices can be used inside which was just not possible with the older version. The chamber is more capable than ever and continues to reach set atmospheric compositions quickly, which allows even for more rapid oxygenation profiles.

For more information on the HypoxyLab, the only system using partial pressures to measure oxygen values, follow the link below.

The enhanced model will ship beginning January 2021.