The last session of the 4-part series will focus on a hands-on demonstration of the TriTom System.

An overview of the TriTom system: It is a non-invasive multi-modal instrument that acquires photoacoustic and fluorescence data simultaneously from the same volume of the interrogated subject. It has 10 times better spatial resolution compared to state-of-the-art optical methods.  It enables functional imaging of volumetric blood content and oxygenation without a need for any contrast agent and imaging of various NIR absorbing probes.

The TriTom unit allows for the reconstruction of the volumetric images with isotropic spatial resolution on the order of 100-200 um. It has a camera to observe the animal during the imaging procedure to maintain animal safety. During the imaging process, animals are submerged under water with the mouse head kept inside a “diving bell” to facilitate breathing and anesthesia. The de-ionised, temperature-controlled water bath functions as an acoustic coupling medium and an electrical isolator while supporting the animal structurally and preventing hypothermia during the rotational scan.

This live demonstration will illustrate the animal preparation steps and positioning of the animal within the TriTom System. We will also show the following:

  • Rotational configurations which allow the reconstruction of the volumetric images
  • Step by step protocol for image acquisition
  • Image processing and analysis
  • How the acquired image can provide insights into the disease biology
  • Live questions and answers

Date: TBD

About the speaker:

Aparajita Verma, Ph.D.

Application Specialist, Scintica

Aparajita Verma holds a Ph.D. from University at Buffalo in Cancer Sciences. Throughout her research she was focused on evaluating the potential of various imaging techniques to monitor tumor response to cancer therapies. Additionally, she has worked with researchers and clinicians to assist in a clinical trial of novel imaging technique in cancer patients. In her present role as an Application Scientist at Scintica, Aparajita conducts training sessions on various imaging modalities and product demonstrations for customers to help them achieve their research goals.