In the 2nd session of the 4-part series, we will describe more about the TriTom system. This session will include an overview of the technical specifications, unique product features, and novel applications of the TriTom system.

The TriTom system is a multimodal imaging system that utilizes a combination of photoacoustic imaging and fluorescence optical tomography.  It is well suited for non-invasive in vivo studies in small laboratory animals. This 3D imaging platform allows deep tissue imaging and provides robust anatomical, and functional data while maintaining high molecular sensitivity. The multi-modality TriTom brings in vivo molecular imaging to the highest fidelity level, enabling quantitative volumetric measurements and up to 10 times improvement in spatial resolution compared to state-of-the-art optical methods.

TriTom system provides many advantages such as in vivo tracking, mapping, and longitudinal studies of externally labeled or internally expressed light-emitting or absorbing molecular constructs. It has a broad spectrum of preclinical research applications ranging from cancer, toxicology, developmental biology to tissue engineering and regeneration.

Key webinar discussion topics include:

  • Main features of the TriTom system
  • Data format and image processing
  • Common applications and advantages of using the system
  • Potential of TriTom system in addressing existing research gaps

Date: TBD

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About the speaker:

Aparajita Verma, Ph.D.

Application Specialist, Scintica

Aparajita Verma holds a Ph.D. from University at Buffalo in Cancer Sciences. Throughout her research she was focused on evaluating the potential of various imaging techniques to monitor tumor response to cancer therapies. Additionally, she has worked with researchers and clinicians to assist in a clinical trial of novel imaging technique in cancer patients. In her present role as an Application Scientist at Scintica, Aparajita conducts training sessions on various imaging modalities and product demonstrations for customers to help them achieve their research goals.