(April 4, 2023) Overview of Preclinical Small Animal Imaging Modalities & Multimodal Applications

(April 4, 2023) Overview of Preclinical Small Animal Imaging Modalities & Multimodal Applications


In this webinar, we will review some of the most used preclinical imaging modalities, including magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), positron emission tomography (PET), computer tomography (CT), ultrasound, photoacoustic, bioluminescence, fluorescence, dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry (DEXA/DXA) and intravital microscopy.

For each modality, we will spend time reviewing the basics of how each works, the strengths and considerations of each, and some key application areas and example images.

Finally, we will discuss the benefits of multimodal imaging and review a few papers utilizing a variety of imaging modalities to help support their outcomes.

This webinar will introduce our educational focus on preclinical imaging modalities coming up in 2023. The webinar will be a brief introduction for those who need to become more familiar with all or some of the preclinical imaging modalities. At the same time, our educational focus over the year will dive deeper into each modality, talk more in-depth about multimodal imaging and its benefits, and explore some of the newer topics emerging in the preclinical imaging world, including theranostics, contrast agent development, and many others.

Please join us as we start this journey and continue to check back as we expand upon the basics introduced during this webinar.



  • Tonya Coulthard MSc
    Tonya Coulthard MSc
    Director of Scientific and Corporate Development

    Tonya Coulthard holds an MSc from the University of British Columbia in Experimental Medicine. Throughout her academic training, she focused on a variety of diseases ranging from prion to chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases. In her professional career, she has worked with several imaging and medical device companies; in these roles, she has interacted with researchers around the world covering a very diverse range of research applications. In her present role at Scintica Instrumentation Tonya heads up both the scientific and corporate development efforts; in this role she works in supporting our manufacturers and distributors around the world and explores new partnerships with manufacturers as well as special research projects. Her role at Scintica will help expand the product portfolio, as well as the global presence of Scintica, in a continued effort to link scientists from around the world with new and innovative research solutions.


Apr 04 2023

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