Electrocardiography (ECG) is an important signal to monitor during surgical procedures to detect abnormalities or confirm the success of an intervention. Long-term ECG monitoring can provide insight into the development of cardiac electrical abnormalities characteristic of various disease states. Integrating an ECG signal with a data acquisition system allows for further analysis.

Indus Rodent Surgical Monitor

Non-Invasive ECG 

The Rodent Surgical Monitor+ (RSM+) features non-invasive ECG leads for mice and rats integrated into the surgical warming platform.  Signals are displayed live via wireless connection to the tablet and may be saved and exported.  This system can also be integrated with a data acquisition system for further ECG analysis.

Implantable Telemetry

Implantable ECG

Implantable telemeters are suitable for chronic ECG monitoring and recording.  Indus Instruments and Kaha Sciences offer ECG telemetry implants for mice and rats.  Telemetry enables long term studies, and simultaneous recording from multiple animals.  These versatile systems also feature rechargeable batteries, cohousing options and off-pad recording.

CardioFish Zebrafish ECG

ECG for Zebrafish

ECG monitoring is not limited to rodent models.  The CardioFish system enables ECG assessment in adult zebrafish.  The system is ideal for use in pharmacology and toxicology studies.  Signals can be recorded for standard and average ECG analysis, QT analysis and heart rate variability analysis with CardioFish software.