iNSiGHT DXA System Software Version 1.0.6 Walkthrough

The latest software (Version 1.0.6) update includes several new features to help users streamline their data analysis on the iNSiGHT DXA system; these include:

1. The ability to export a single study, rather than only being able to export the entire database collected thus far. This allows individual users to export only their data.

2. Improvements to the Region of Interest (ROI) capabilities, allowing users to be more confident in including their entire area of interest within the ROI:

  • Improved drawing capabilities, including free-hand ROIs
  • Tissue edging function. This allows the user to first draw a free hand ROI around a given tissue (i.e., the femur), and then with the click of a button, the software can identify the tissue edges to more accurately capture that ROI while excluding other areas that are not of interest.
  • Ability to move and edit previously drawn ROIs

3. Improvements to the image magnification capabilities

  • Added magnification button to easily zoom into a target region on the image
  • Ability to easily move across the image, while maintaining the same level of magnification

4. Improvements to handling data from the same animal over a longitudinal study

  • When taking a new measurement of the same animal or sample the previous image will be observed prior to taking the next image.
  • Being able to add multiple animals/samples within a single group instead of 1 by 1.

5. Improvements to image export capabilities

  • Scale bar is now present on images.
  • Image description including the age of the animal/tissue (if entered by the user), number of measurements made (ROIs, exclusion ROIs, and linear measurements), as well as the date the image was analyzed
  • Ability to export the original image without the measurements made.

6. Added default settings to allow users to image fixed and raw tissue samples.

These added features further enhance the user experience on the iNSiGHT DXA system, maintaining the rapid image acquisition and improving the data analysis experience for the user.