Scintica: Linking scientists with research solutions

We are aware of the tremendous amount of information that scientists face when trying to understand which equipment can serve their research needs best, and the difficulties instrumentation manufacturers have in communicating their products and benefits to the research community.

Our Values


Scintica prides itself in providing the preclinical research and translational medicine communities with innovative instrumentation, tools, and research solutions. The collection of equipment we distribute and manage is diverse and synergistic in terms of what they offer scientists. The instrumentation challenges preclinical laboratory staples with effectiveness, accuracy, ease-of-use, and quick installation times.


We focus on building connections between members of the research community. With that, one of our foundational values at Scintica revolves around education and informing scientists about the latest ground-breaking scientific advancements. Our team members have a diverse range of educational backgrounds that cover many relevant areas of research: Imaging, Pharmacology, Biology/Medical Sciences, Chemistry, Neurology, Oncology, Cardiology and Nanotechnology.

Customer Service

One of our main goals is providing excellent support to our customers and continuously helping them to find research solutions. We are here to help with many things: whether it’s equipment operation, discuss research goals, help with writing grants, or simply have stimulating conversations about what is being investigated.
Scintica is here at any time of day to ensure that our customers have complete confidence when conducting their research!

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