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The theme of the Congress is microcirculation in health and disease with a focus on emerging research and technologies. Its objective is to advance research and education in the many areas of microcirculation. With strong representation from the International Scientific Advisory Committee, with representatives from England, Europe, North and South America and the Pacific Rim, the Local Organizing Committee has developed an exciting meeting which reflects the growing research areas of microcirculation and the pivotal role these fields play in translational applications. Congress symposia will include inflammation, permeability, vascular control and angiogenesis, to name a few.

The microcirculation is required for all vital and non-vital organs as part of a healthy body. It supplies oxygen and nutrients and is integral to the removal of metabolic waste. Due to its critical importance to general health, the commercial and industrial applications include development of new drugs and therapies, and treatment of a wide range of human diseases, including vascular and perivascular disease, diabetes, stroke, dementia, cancer and sepsis.